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Spiritual Direction

You don’t have to make the journey alone.

Spiritual direction is the art of walking alongside another on their spiritual journey through life.

Spiritual Direction is about making space for you.

In spiritual direction we take time and space to breathe, to slow down, to savor and notice the blessings as well as the challenges we encounter in daily life. Each spiritual direction session makes time for silence, for prayer, for resting in the spirit.

Spiritual Direction is about listening to you.

In spiritual direction, you receive the gift of having someone listen to you deeply. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to listen for the still, small voice of your own heart and how Spirit is speaking to you.

Spiritual Direction is about conversation with you and your spirit.

Spiritual direction is a three-way conversation among yourself, your companion, and Divine Spirit.

Allow me to explore with you how Spirit is leading you into deeper integrity and fullness of life.

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